Fun fact and a couple opinions: Feminism

“Know Your Body” was the name of a series of informational courses created by feminists for women in the 70’s to become more familiar with their bodies. I thought this was a bit funny because my blog is called ‘Know your body and health’.

Now, this is off-topic in regards to the goals of this blog, but I think it’s important to explore feminism the tiniest bit as it has an impact on a variety of fields, such as health.

I, too, am a feminist, but not in the same sense as the term that is being tossed around today. The term ‘feminism’ now has a negative stigma around it, something that I’ve been slightly caught up in too until I looked into it a bit more. Feminism is defined as ‘The advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men’ (Thanks Google, you’re wonderful, don’t change). Notice that it says ‘equality’ and not anything to do with women wanting to be superior to men.

So why do so many people scoff at the idea of feminism? Is it because of the few individuals who may take it to an (I think) unnecessary extreme by wanting to be superior to men? Why let the actions of a few individuals dictate an entire sex’s right to equality? Not as many people scoff at the idea of holding faiths such as religion, though there are several individuals who take that to an extreme as well.

I know there are some people out there that actually believe that women deserve the subordinate position in life or that it’s their role to serve men, or something else along those lines. I also understand that roles differ greatly across different areas of the world and that some women in societies are perfectly content in what roles they’ve found themselves in.

But for all of you who just believe women should be in the subordinate position or that feminism is unnecessary, women are pretty great. A woman gave each and every one of you your life. Think of your mother or maternal figure; would you not want her to be happy? Does she not deserve to be treated with respect? Should she not receive the same attention as your father or paternal figure from society, and health care and legal systems?

I, for one, think feminism is important. Don’t let the few extremists scare you away, if that’s what’s stopping you. Don’t let a stigma dictate how you feel about a certain topic. Don’t let other people pressure you into thinking that something’s silly or unnecessary.

Doing your own research and learning about the things you want to form opinions on is the best way to really understand where you stand.


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