Glycerol and Lips

I’ve mentioned glycerol twice in regards to lips, so I feel like I should say more about it. Maybe moreso because I grew up with my mom telling me to use it when I got chapped lips.

Glycerol and glycerin are the same thing! It is great for your lips (and skin) because it’s inexpensive and it works with all types of skin. It actually works to attract moisture from the air to your lips, rehydrating it and it also reduces the amount of water evaporated from your skin. In fact, when you put some glycerol on your lips, it covers your lips cells and moves to the teeny tiny spaces between the cells to maximize water retention (emollients do this too!).

You can buy glycerol in bottles on its own but make sure that it’s a diluted form of the glycerol – concentrated glycerol can actually dehydrate your lips!

Props to my Ma for being right.


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