Low Carb Diets

Low body weight has become a body ideal for western society recently, and with that ideal came the diet craze. Juice diets, low fat diets, low calorie diets and low carb diets became more and more popular. Since we talked a bit about burning fat last week (while you’re sleeping, best diet ever I’d say), I thought I’d explore low carb diets today.

What is a low carb diet?

This diet is when you restrict the amount of carbohydrates you consume. Carbohydrates are in the form of sugars, pastas, bread, etc.  Foods that have a lot of carbohydrates are replaced with foods with high fat and/or protein content, though usually just the latter on its own. These diets can be used to treat obesity and diabetes (lower sugar content in the diet).

How does it work to reduce weight?

Last week, we talked about morning breath and the production of those smelly ketones when your body has burned all of your sugars and begins to burn fat. Now, what if you don’t ingest that many sugars, or carbohydrates, in the first place?

Much like when we sleep, our bodies burn more fats when we consume less sugars. If you ingest less sugars, you’ll have less sugars to oxidize to produce energy. Your body’s stores of sugars will be oxidized faster, leaving our bodies to resort to burning fat to keep obtaining energy. And that’s how you can lose weight with this diet!

More about ketones

At first, this will result in more ketones (a byproduct of fat metabolism during fasting conditions) due to the sudden change in diet from higher amounts of carbohydrates to lower amounts.

Eventually, ketone production may go down if the state of low carbohydrates is no longer be recognized as a state of fasting for your body. But if you keep reducing your intake of carbohydrates, then you will increase your ketone production, which can be hazardous to other metabolic processes in your body.

Ketones are acidic and can raise the acidity of your blood if in high concentration. If it is in a low concentration, however, your buffer system in the blood will maintain the acidity of your blood at a healthy level.



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